How Do Potholes Form in Your Asphalt Parking Lot?

Most drivers are familiar with the unpleasant feeling of hitting a pothole on the road. No matter how big or small, potholes can cause serious damage to vehicles and make for a bumpy ride for drivers and passengers. While it’s normal for potholes to develop in asphalt over time, there are things property owners can do to prevent potholes from developing in their parking lots in Philadelphia, PA. Keep reading for some asphalt maintenance tips to prevent pothole formation.

Pothole basics

To prevent potholes in Philadelphia, PA, it’s important to understand how potholes form in the first place. Asphalt potholes don’t start out as huge, gaping dips in the pavement. Instead, potholes form as a result of asphalt cracking. Cracks leave asphalt vulnerable to damage from water and harsh weather. During the winter months, asphalt gets wet, and water in cracks expands as it freezes. This expansion causes the cracks to expand. The longer these cracks go unaddressed, the bigger they become and the more vulnerable your asphalt is to pothole development.

How to prevent potholes

Potholes in parking lots can be very hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. Potholes can also take a toll on the curb appeal of your property and reduce its value. Repairing potholes is a costly endeavor, so it’s worth it to invest some time in regular maintenance. To prevent potholes in Philadelphia, PA, follow these simple preventative maintenance steps:

  • Address cracks right away: Even small cracks can eventually turn into potholes, so it’s important to address them right away. The sooner cracks are repaired, the less likely it is that potholes will develop in your parking lot. It’s best to get cracks and small holes repaired as soon as possible to minimize the cost of pothole repair and pavement replacement later on.
  • Invest in sealcoating services: Sealcoating is designed to extend the lifespan of your asphalt by protecting the surface from extreme weather and heavy traffic. It’s recommended to invest in sealcoating every three to five years for the best results. Regular sealcoating is one of the best ways to preserve your asphalt and keep cracks and potholes to a minimum.
  • Clean your pavement: Cleaning your pavement is a great way to improve the appeal of your property while extending the lifespan of your pavement. Clear away debris, grime and dirt regularly to prevent pavement from deteriorating. Cleaning asphalt also exposes damage and weaknesses that need to be repaired. It’s also safer for drivers, since it has fewer hazards and offers improved visibility in poor weather conditions and at night.

Pothole repair and asphalt maintenance

Keep your parking lot in the best condition possible for years to come with services from Philly Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Inc. Since 1996, we have been dedicated to providing quality concrete and asphalt services for commercial, residential and industrial customers alike. Whether you need routine sealcoating services or you need repairs for potholes and cracks, our team is here to help. Give us a call to get started with a consultation and quote.

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