Make Sure Your Office Is ADA Compliant

Is your building accessible to disabled persons? If not, depending on the building’s age, zoning and location, it could be an ADA accessibility lawsuit waiting to happen. On top of that, you could be actively dissuading disabled customers from stopping by, which cuts into potential income.

In addition to interior improvements, ADA compliant buildings in Philadelphia, PA must be readily accessible from the outside. This means working with an ADA-knowledgeable contractor. When you’re researching contractors, make sure that they’re known for ADA-related work. There are strict standards to follow, so it behooves you to work with a team that has plenty of experience in the field.

Here are a few accessibility upgrades that you can make with your local concrete and asphalt contractor to make your facilities accessible.

Build concrete ramps

Facilitating entry into your building is the ADA’s top priority, which means that you need to consider people with mobility issues. Unless your front door is perfectly level with the ground, you’ll probably need to build a ramp.

The ADA doesn’t specify what kind of material ramps need to be made out of, only that it’s slip-resistant, stable and firm. Most businesses choose concrete ramps, thanks to their affordability and durability.

When you install a ramp, your contractor will work with you to design plans matching ADA standards. For example, the slope of your ramp matters: a wheelchair user would have a hard time getting up a 20% grade! In fact, the slope of your ramp can be no greater than 8.33%. Working with a contractor who is up to date on current regulations is key.

Repair sidewalks and parking lots

Do the sidewalks between your business and the parking lot have a curb? If so, you need a curb ramp. Are there cracks, potholes and other hazards that could trip up disabled persons? Is your parking lot on a slope that exceeds standards? Those issues will need to be fixed, too—and if you don’t have designated disabled parking spaces, your local asphalt contractor can paint those to ADA standards.

Create ADA-compliant walkways

Finally, your business needs ADA-compliant walkways and aisles to get from the parking lot into the building. For example, if your guests have to walk over a trail of mulch to access the building, that falls short of ADA standards. Like ramps, walkways must be slip-resistant, stable and firm too. Again, the idea is to facilitate safe access to your building. People with vision or mobility problems must be able to get into the front entrance without undue effort or falling hazards.

Although the sheer number and exactitude of ADA standards can be overwhelming, working with a contractor who specializes in accessibility upgrades can take a great deal of the burden off your shoulders.

Ready to install some exterior ADA building upgrades in Philadelphia, PA? Philly Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Inc. has years of experience building walkways, ramps and repairing pavement to ADA standards. Call us today to request a quote and make your facilities more welcoming and accessible to those with mobility challenges.

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