How To Prepare Asphalt For Winter and Snow

With winter on the way, it’s important to prepare your asphalt for winter in Philadelphia, PA. Many home and business owners don’t realize that it’s just as important to winterize your pavement as it is to prepare your sprinkler system and other exterior systems.

Luckily, getting your asphalt ready for the long cold winter is simply a matter of keeping an eye out for issues and working with a great asphalt contractor. Here’s what to do to prepare asphalt for snow in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Look for standing water. Asphalt is incredibly durable, but it can take a beating from snow and ice. The next time it rains (or when you run a hose over your asphalt), look for any standing water. If you see any puddles, that indicates an uneven surface which will need to be repaired in the spring. In the meantime, take notes of those areas and remove any standing water or ice throughout the winter—this will help prevent potholes from forming.
  • Check for cracks and crumbling. Look around your pavement: do you see any cracks or crumbling? If so, they’ll need to be repaired before the cold weather sets in. If left unattended, water will seep into the cracks, freeze and cause them to expand. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll have to deal with a much bigger problem than when you started.
  • Sweep up any debris. If you have a large asphalt driveway, professional cleaning is a worthwhile investment. Not only will professional cleaning do a superior job sweeping away debris, it can also make any cracks, potholes and depressions more obvious. You should repair any damage immediately. Continue to sweep up debris throughout the winter whenever possible—it will make snow removal and deicing easier. It also prevents the debris from freezing to your asphalt and causing damage.
  • Make sure you have the right tools. Before winter sets in, make sure you have basic tools to deal with snow and road salt. Look for shovels without sharp edges, and consider investing in a deicing product. Keep in mind that there are many different types of deicers—choose one that is designed for your pavement type, temperature and other considerations.
  • Work with a contractor for repairs. Finally, find an asphalt contractor in Philadelphia, PA to take care of any cracks, crumbling edges and potholes you found in the prep process. When interviewing contractors, make sure to ask whether you’ll be able to get an appointment before it’s too cold for repairs. Try to get quotes from at least two or three companies before you make your final decision, and check review sites like Google and Yelp for client testimonials. If you’re unable to book a repair appointment before winter weather sets in, ask what they recommend to prevent further damage before spring.

When you take the time to prepare your asphalt for winter, it will have a much easier time standing up to extreme temperatures. For asphalt maintenance and repair, call Philly Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Inc. today. We’ll help you get your asphalt winterized, ready for the harsh season ahead.

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