Is My Home Foundation Moving?

You don’t have to be a genius to understand the importance of your home’s foundation. This massive concrete slab is the base on which nearly every modern home is built. It is crucial to keep your house aloft, and it holds up the primary beams and joists. When your foundation is sinking steadily into the ground beneath it, that spells big (and costly) trouble. If you notice that your home’s foundation is beginning to sink, you must enlist a qualified contractor to engage in home foundation repair in Philadelphia, PA to save yourself time and trouble.

To get a contractor in before too much damage can occur, you’ll have to be able to spot the problems. Here are the most common things to look for in a sinking home foundation.

Lopsided floors

Perhaps the easiest way to spot a problem with your home’s foundation is simply by testing the floors. If you can put a round object on the ground without it rolling to one side or the other, you should be okay. Having uneven floors in any room of your house is a bad thing.

Growing foundation cracks

A lot of home foundations have perfectly normal cracks in them. They’re known as shrinkage cracks, and they occur over the course of the first year after your foundation is poured. If you notice cracks in the walls of your foundation, however, you might have trouble brewing.

Cracks that grow wider over time or increase in size as they extend toward the ground could indicate that your home’s foundation is sliding deeper into the earth.

Cracks in walls

Your home will undoubtedly see a few cracks or holes form. Maybe it’s an accident; maybe it’s a sign of a more significant issue. When you notice a gap in your wall, above a door or around a window, the first thing to do is inspect the area. If you can see that the crack has been patched before, call in a contractor to perform a more thorough examination. If not, you can try repairing the crack yourself.

If the crack reappears in the same place after it’s been repaired, it could be that your home’s foundation is settling or sinking.

Sticking doors and windows

As your house ages, sticking doors and windows will become increasingly common. To determine if sticking windows or doors are the result of your foundation wall moving in Philadelphia, PA, take a four-foot level and place it above the frame of the trouble area. If it’s level, you’re fine. If not, you should consider calling in a professional to inspect your foundation.

The foundation headquarters

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