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Concrete Driveways vs. Asphalt Driveways

When it’s time to install a new driveway at your home or business, chances are, you’ll find yourself choosing between concrete or asphalt. These two materials are the most popular for driveways, and each comes with specific advantages and drawbacks. Both are durable and will last for years, if taken care of properly. If you’ve […]

How To Prepare Asphalt For Winter and Snow

With winter on the way, it’s important to prepare your asphalt for winter in Philadelphia, PA. Many home and business owners don’t realize that it’s just as important to winterize your pavement as it is to prepare your sprinkler system and other exterior systems. Luckily, getting your asphalt ready for the long cold winter is […]

Make Sure Your Office Is ADA Compliant

Is your building accessible to disabled persons? If not, depending on the building’s age, zoning and location, it could be an ADA accessibility lawsuit waiting to happen. On top of that, you could be actively dissuading disabled customers from stopping by, which cuts into potential income. In addition to interior improvements, ADA compliant buildings in […]

Is My Home Foundation Moving?

You don’t have to be a genius to understand the importance of your home’s foundation. This massive concrete slab is the base on which nearly every modern home is built. It is crucial to keep your house aloft, and it holds up the primary beams and joists. When your foundation is sinking steadily into the […]

Why Choose a Concrete Patio?

Few home improvements will deliver as much return on their investment as a freshly-built outdoor space. What’s more, when the weather is right, there’s no better place to be than on your patio, watching the sunset or soaking up the sun. If you’re thinking about installing a patio at your home, don’t skip over the […]