Three Causes of Parking Lot Breakdowns

The parking lot at your business can carry a lot more weight and importance than you might think. It’s the first thing many customers see when they arrive, so it can really throw people off when they see broken asphalt in Philadelphia, PA parking lots. It can give the impression that you are an inattentive business owner, which nobody wants as their reputation.

With this in mind, you can help minimize problems by knowing what to look for that could indicate issues with your parking lot are on the horizon. By knowing the warning signs of paving breakdown, you’ll know when to call in the pros who can get your parking lot back into fighting shape in no time at all.

Cracks in the surface

Cracks in asphalt and concrete are common—these materials are man-made, so they of course will start to gradually break down over time. The trick is to recognize when these cracks are becoming significant enough to require the attention of a paving professional. A general rule of thumb that we sometimes go by is that if cracks are less than a quarter inch wide, and less than two inches deep, chances are, your asphalt surface is still in good enough shape for normal usage. However, once cracks start getting more severe, it could eventually lead to broken asphalt in Philadelphia, PA that is going to require the presence of a professional team like Philly Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Inc. to repair.


Every golfer knows about divots, those little chunk of grass and dirt that they can dig up and send flying when they strike a ball cleanly (or not so cleanly). This turf that gets dug out of the ground is the reason for why paving pros also use this term—a divot can be taken out of an asphalt surface as well. A parking lot can also get a divot from a depression caused by heavy trucks or by a car just being parked in a spot for a long period of time. These divots present tripping hazards for people while also serving as sources of water puddling that can cause long-term damage and lead to broken asphalt in Philadelphia, PA.

Overall breakdown

Once you start to see a lot of cracks, divots and potholes in your parking lot, it’s time to act quickly. You can start to have more problems than you bargained for once things reach this point, so as hard as it might be, you should bite the bullet and have the pros resurface your pavement. Repairing broken asphalt in Philadelphia, PA via an overall replacement of the surface probably only needs to happen a few times a century, so an expert’s opinion on its condition is vital.

Philly Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in evaluating, repairing and replacing paved surfaces all over Philadelphia and the surrounding area, and we take our reputation seriously. If you believe that your parking surface is in need of attention, give us a call today and we can help you out by taking a look and offering our thoughts and recommendations.

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